Wednesday, February 08, 2006


La toure d'eiffel en vendredi Posted by Picasa

Hopefully I will be able to to get some great pictures whilst
in paris on the weekend. Its a double anniversary really this
weekend. My blog is One year old on friday Happy Blog Birthday
to me !
Secondly this is a sixth anniversary for my man and myself ...
our first date was in Paris (what a sweetie) took me there
all the way from Canada.. wow weee lucky girl and now he is
taking me again soooo be prepared for lots of pictures of France
will bore you rigid I bet...

Hopefully I can get a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night like this !
Au Revoir mes amis


Shirley Goodwin said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Sandy! I hope you had a wonderful time in Paris.

Shirley in New Zealand (green with envy)

suzanne said...

hey lucky blogger,
have a great time, and pic's will be wonderful,making us think we were there with you.
love sue

Felicity said...

Have a wonderful time! Look forward to the boring photos ;)!

Karoda said...

I'll look forward to seeing your photos since I've never been to Paris :) Enjoy yourself!

Sandra said...

Next time you're not in France for a romantic weekend, look me up! I'm only about 30 to 45 minutes away from Paris (I live in the 'burbs!). HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY by the way! Love your blog, and am looking forward to another year of Dangling by a Thread :o)

Em said...

Just found you again! Am keenly awaiting an in-depth entry all about Paris ... well, perhaps not about the romantic bits ... ;-)

Since my blogspot dabblings were a bit of a disaster, I've set up a new blog on another site where I can record my various creations-in-progress. Will let you know when there's some art-related stuff on it, but meanwhile, the link you said you'd lost is below.

Em said...

Part deux.

What an idiot.

Didn't realise the URL wouldn't appear below, but would be a link from my name instead! And I got it wrong. Try this one instead.

Em said...

Oh for god's sake!!! This is "pregnancy brain" at its worst.

Sorry to deface your blog like this. Third time lucky ...