Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lavenham in a day

We finally found the medieval town of Lavenham (wool and weaving made this town famous)and what a find, its only about 45 minutes to a hour from where I live!
Can you believe this fantastic stuff right near me, yippeees am I lucky. We did a bit of siteseeing at the church first then we wandered around the village, stopping for a bite of tea in the afternoon.
We went to Tickle Manor Tea Room. Its a two storey timber framed home built by the son of a priest in 1530. We had pots of tea and baguette sandwiches, perfect for getting us going to continue on to see the town.
We also stopped in at the Crooked House Gallery and met the owner Clare Calder-Marshall who told us about the place and showed us a picture of her living quarters upstairs. Fantastic.
There is also a resident artist Alison Englfield who does some fantastic work, textiles , paper and painting. Have a look at the site and enjoy the photos of the village.


Carol said...

thanks for sending me the link, but I am based in North Wales, and I think they only want people in Cornwall,sorry to send this to a post on your blog, couldn't find an e-mail for you,
Thank you once again for thinking of me.

MargaretR said...

Tickle Manor Tearoom. What a wonderful name. Makes me want to come and visit Lavenham one day. Has the timber frame lasted all that time? Wonderful. Now I want to see the Crooked House Gallery.