Saturday, April 01, 2006

Long time family friend Doug

HI Doug
Here he is sitting in the garden looking very relaxed and happy. Doug has hung around with my sisters for as long as I can remember. Drinking Coke and calling my mom Toots :) That is what I expecially remember about Doug . I dont get to see Doug as much as my sisters do, and I just wanted to send this post out to say a huge hello and give him the warmest hug ever, so that he knows that I am thinking of him on this side of the world. I have also asked my sisters to say hi to him frequently.
Doug used to work in the health care field but sadly he has had to give that up and I bet those patience really miss him there as he was their angel.
Doug this day and post is just for you .

Hugs and kisses Sandy xxxooo Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

thanks sandy i think of you often too wish we were closer perhaps i will see you when you come down next time take cre and love you.

Dianne said...

Hey Sis
Was talking to Doug to-day, he's tired if being tired. He also said it did his heart good to read your words made him feel good.
Thanks for posting a pic of our Angel..

suzanne said...

Hey girl,
thats so nice, and Doug was so happy about this, will be seeing him on Good Friday,well say hello.
thanks sis.
lv. Sue