Thursday, April 06, 2006

To burn or not to burn

Ok finally getting some work done, I have been doing samples and things like that but I now have just over a week before I have my exhibition at work to show some of my work and thought hmm better get cracking.
I really am a procrastinator by nature so doing things ahead is just out of my character. I did find that I have been getting a bit better at starting things lately.... well at least starting them.
This piece is chiffon and painted bondaweb as well as some stewart gill byzantine paints and embossing powder. Whew that was a mouthful. I have now put it onto some felt and did some stitching to attach it to the felt. Now the question do I want to burn some of it away? maybe not this time but I will add beads tonight to finish the piece up. I will post the final piece then to decide how will I mount the piece to display it. Decisions, Decisions .. you can jump in anytime with some suggestions!! Posted by Picasa


E-J said...

I vote: burn!

I can see a face in there :-)

suzanne said...

hi there,
love this one i can also see a face. i say, not to burn, Great work. should be doing that soon, now that Di has her tool. still have not gotten together yet, trying to get my room fixed up.
Canadian Girls Kick A--
LV. Sue

Tonniece said...

Well this makes it unannymous.I was just talking to Dianne, and I said I can see a face in this piece. She didn't see it. Imagine that.

Love this Sandy