Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ethnic Doll Challenge

I have a challenge with 3 others in Canada, two of them my sisters and the other is a long time family friend who is just like a sister. Suzanne, Dianne and Tonniece are the ones doing this challenge with me. I thought ohh I have a good idea lets do things as a challenge to push each other to create. ME AND MY BIG IDEAS! I first had a bit of a hard time to think ohh what is an ethnic doll ... searched the web had tons of ideas but could not settle on one of them. I started one doll japanese ... umm canned that one half way through.

I finally decided to go an african type doll but did not get the skin tone right... ahh well continue on I thought ... I was going to try putting coffee on her to get the colouring .. but did not want to chance the face as I had already drawn it on. Now that I have it done I might try it just to see what happens ...

I recieved the fabric from a friend who was living in south africa so its authentic fabric. Drew on the face .. ok cheated and put pins for earrings ... which I used to do to my barbie doll so she would have pearl earrings . She also has pheasant feathers in her turban type hat, which was cheesecloth that I hand dyed, a bead necklace and the african fabric.

I would say I am not a doll maker and really did not enjoy this one soooo ... onwards and upwards to the next challenge please.


jenclair said...

Since you are "no reply" email - I've jumped over here.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Sounds like one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time....but your result looks fine.