Saturday, July 29, 2006

Close up of the Rust piece

Made by my sister Dianne Posted by Picasa


Pat said...

I haven't visited your blog recently and realized today that I was missing a great visual treat of your work. So inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Pat

Deb H said...

Hey Sandy, please email me, & I'll send you my address & an ATC. They are the size of a regular playing card. 2.5 inches by 3.5. Hmmmm, what's that in cm? About 6.5 x 9?
My contact info is on my profile!
I'd love to trade with you.
I love the rusted fabric. It turned out great. I tried one peice, it didn't do so well, kept drying out & not rusting enough. We have a very dry climate here.

emmyschoonbeek said...

this looks very great I never tyed it some time i will

MargaretR said...

Glad you liked the PTyB designs Sandy. I love your siser's rust piece. I picked up a rusted craft knife blade off one of the window-sills in PTyB and I have also brought in some old tools and a large horshoe with the intention of trying to rust something soon. Finding the time is the problem. Perhaps you would like to trade ATC's with me? i'm eagerly waiting for DebH's ATC.

Elle said...

That rust piece is pretty cool!!! I love the patterns that were created!