Saturday, October 07, 2006

Toni and Liz


Here is a couple that we met on the Nile Cruise. Anhony (well that is what it said on his birthday cake from the cooks on the boat) and Liz from North wales.
We had a great time with them, they are a very special couple. This was their anniversary trip and while we were cruising on the Nile on Thursday it was Toni's birthday. He was very generous and shared his bottle of Champagne with us and another couple as well. It was very memorable, opening a bottle and the cork exploding and then the cork floating off into the Nile.
What a great way to spend a birthday... I think I might just do that for my next birthday. Thanks for the idea Toni.
It just so happens they are on their way flying home today from egypt, so safe flight and hopefully we will meet up here sometime in England. Send pics of you both all tanned up !!! Hope you had a good second week in Egypt... Let me know when you use your spices ; ) WINK Posted by Picasa


tony h said...

Did not know I was going to be internationally famous Sandy! - the pleasure of your company was all ours....could not think of a nicer way to share my 51st birthday

Will stay in touch - great site by the way.

Dianne said...

They look like a lovely Welsh couple very nice, it was fate for you all to meet..
see you in 4 more sleeps Yahoooo