Friday, October 13, 2006


Ok its nutty busy here. Both at work and at home.
I just got back a week ago as you well know and thought ohhh my sisters coming to visit we are off to barcelona then I can get ready for the craft show at the next village over ... well well I went throught that village on the way home last week and saw the sign for the fair.
Fair Oct 14, 15 WHAT WHAT WHAT !!! it can't be.. but it was on the sign sooo I have been frantically doing some books and bookmarks and lavender sachets for the craft show.Of course its been busy at work .. products going live and working till 8:30 one night and 6:00 every other one bahhhhhhhhhh ... and of course you know you must clean the house .... so I have been busy .. filling every minute trying to prepare the the sister arrival tomorrow and the craft show tomorrow and sunday... then one day back to work then off to barcelona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pics to follow of craft show or before showing some of the stuff depends on how much time I have to lay them out .. ok .. silly idea pics of the craft show tomorrow.

till then.... S


suzanne said...

Well Sis,
I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way. Good Luck pn the sales, and green with envy, have a great time.
Hugs and xxxx

Tonniece said...

Sandy calm down and take a deep breath. LOL
You know you wk. best under stress.
Good luck with sales

Not that I have to say this, but have a great visit with Dianne.
I miss her already.


E-J said...

Who says you *must* clean the house? I've just cleaned mine for the first time in 7 weeks. I swear there wasn't any more dust than there would have been if I'd got round to it sooner.