Monday, November 06, 2006


Well my sister has gone back home now and its been a great three weeks. Sorry for not posting as we have been on the go since she arrived ... well almost anyways!
Thursday evening of last week my sister DIANNE coughed .... and choked and fainted ... all the while I am trying to pat her back and then next thing she passes out and I am SHOUTING get on your side get on your side ... she was looking at me with a dazed look not knowing where she was at first.
She came to and then could not get up very well.
We thought perhaps she sprained her foot and hurt her legs... In the morning after making her sleep on the couch so it was not so far to the toilet she announced umm I think you should take me to emergency... so that we did.
The doctor asked her what she wanted first the good news or the bad news...
It was the bad news... a fracture on the top part of the foot! NOT GOOD they gave her a fancy looking bootie ! and crutches so she was not to mobile for the last days of her visit. That was not so good as we had been talking about Guy Fawkes night for days since she arrived. She could not attend... the good part about this is we did get to spend some time together without running around everywhere ... NEXT TIME .
Hope she has a comfortable flight home and I am sure I will speak with her really soon...
I am sure she was not doing the jiggity jig home ... hugs miss you already.


MargaretR said...

Welcome back. I hope your sister had a comfortable journey home.

Deb H said...

Poor sister! Tell her to keep it elevated! High above her heart!

So what made her pass out? I hope she's ok!