Monday, November 27, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean PERCEBAS

For those of you that were interested and wondered what the things were that I posted a few days ago.... scroll down. They are GOOSE BARNACLES.
Seafood called PERCEBAS(spanish), handgathered from rocky outcroppings off the Galician or Portuguese coast; they taste like the essence of the sea and are a delicatecy.
Percebes are a true delicacy in Spain. Although the Spanish people consume more seafood than any other country in the world, Christmas is the time of year when they eat the most. This is when the highest demand for percebes exists, and seafood restaurants serve bowls of soup adorned with six or eight cooked barnacles for over $50.
Percebes are also sold raw, by the kilo, in the streets of coastal communities. Walk into a bar and ask for a beer, you would be just as likely to be served with a side dish of raw barnacles as you would a bowl of beer nuts in North America.
They truly were amazing looking and hey I could not find Johnny Depp anywhere in site! :(


Tonniece said...

Thanks for clearing that one up.


platitudinal said...

How about that, it's a barnacle!
Thanks for the info ... I was running out of imagination guessing what it would be :D

Shirley Goodwin said...

Boy, those food shots of the Barcelone markets are great!