Thursday, January 18, 2007

House hunting

Well I bet everyone is wondering where the heck I have been ... well I have been a bit busy with househunting .... and its not a nice job let me tell you ... first of all none of the letting agencies are open on saturday ... umm when the hell do they think we can go and see them .. .. during work hours damn ... and this time of year ... you would rather not see a place in the dark.
I think I might have finally found a nice place but dont want to jinx it so will not say as of yet... then the packing will begin and if any of you have seen my fabric you will not envy me that job!!!! As well the computer is still not working at the house so can only post from here bahhhh that is next on the list of things to settle ... perhaps get a new computer anyways thats a quick update for now..

keep you updated on the househunt!


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! my dear, I think house hunt is the work of the season. I'm about three months into a year or two year master plan.

It looks to be a two or three step process. So big hugs to you. I have

Anonymous said...

I have been interrupted and published half done. I've an idea of what you're up against. Good thoughts being sent through the ozone. t

platitudinal said...

Good luck, Sandy. May you get house of your dream.

Tonniece said...

Fingers crossed for you Sandy. Hope you find that perfect place to call home.


suzanne said...

Hey Sis,
You are good at this so don't even think of having to look at places in the dark, flashlight required, heheh, after all, you have all the time to get thing the way you want it, I really figured this house was big until I brought it all in, then Big Shock, I really have a lot of stuff, but figured I have been lugging this stuff around for just the house to put it in, and I have been here, Wow 3 years now, and slowly getting rid of things, so I say, Good Luck and you know we are routing for you.
Love Sue fmritutuu xoxoxoxo

charlotte said...

good luck for the hunt! hope you don't leave the country?

Dianne said...

Hey Sis..
I just know you'll find the place you'll be happy in, so good luck.. Will await for update..
Love ya..