Friday, February 02, 2007

James Hunting

Sorry I am a bit behind with my blog .. still no working PC yet.

I have to share this with you as last saturday at Embroiderers Guild, we had a wonderful speaker come to give us a talk. I am not sure if any of you have met James Hunting but if you ever get a chance to met him, either having a chat or seeing his work PLEASE do.

James is a funny and charming man, and very talented. He does the most exquisite embroidery work. He uses the male body in his work and it was fabulous. One of my favourites is image2 but do take a look around his site.

In his career he also worked in the Haute Couture market and worked with some famous designers doing embroidery on the clothes and there are examples of this on his site..

What I took away from this talk besides meeting a wonderful individual, with which I hope to meet up with again in my journey in textiles, is he said when your working on a piece you may sometimes need to step back and get a different perspective on the piece .. LOOK AT IT IN A MIRROR and this shows you things sometimes you dont see when your looking at it straight on .....

Thanks again James, it was wonderful to meet you.


suzanne said...

Nice stitches, and I just had that same thing happen to me this morning, looking in the mirror is a lot less trouble, I thought taking a pic and looking at it, shooo, thanks.
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L bonnie

Dianne said...

I too like his work, and I bet it was exciting to get to meet James and get some good advice from him..
I'll have to try some of his tricks..

jackie said...

I saw his work at Alexandra Palace;thanks for the link. You have some good talks etc at your Guild.