Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rubbish or Recycling

Packing, Packing there seems to be no end to this task... I guess that is what I get for being a packrat really. And you think that I would scale down as I pack but ummm nope I havent been doing that so when I go through things when I move I will have to sell some stuff on ebay. Others I may just chuck... like really some old not nice lacey curtains .. but hey I think I should maybe try to use those for multimedia type things paint over them and see its recycling !!! Or at least that is what I am telling myself when I keep packing the stuff up in the boxes.

Update on move when I get the all clear on I have the flat for sure. PICTURES TOO.


Tonniece said...

The all time worst thing in the world is Packing things for a move. I do not envy you at all.

I was a good girl my last move, as I purged tons of things. the lady across the road was an avid garage saler and she had weekly sales herself.
I just dropped everything on her porch. She loved it, I on the other hand hated doing it because the min. you get rid of things (that you have not used in eons I might add), that's the time you run yourself ragged looking for it, scratching your head, knowing full well you did have it, but where on earth can it be now.

Oh well happy packing Sandy, and good luck


suzanne said...

Wow thats great news about the move I KNOW ALL about the move thing, heheheheeh.
Will send your things, for your New place, sound good, me too, "wish I could help," AND no purging, till you move, hehehehe
L Suzanne

jenclair said...

Oh my, what a chore! I still have things in boxes in the attic from our last move that will probably be inherited by my children as I doubt I'll get up there to go through them.