Saturday, September 01, 2007

dyeing .. dyeing

Well back and doing some work !!!
today I am doing some dyeing ....... see how the cloth moves me. I have been meaning to do this for a week ... but that life once again is getting in the way.
I am just getting in practice for dyeing some cloth that I am making an outfit to go to St Marie aux mines to the carrefour patchwork meeting up with Dijanne and quite a few other ladies will be staying in the Gite as well with us!!
I am looking forward to this time it should be a blast. More on the St Marie aux mine trip soon . Till then have a look at some of the pics of fabric in the pails dyeing as I type. ok .... well I was going to post some .. this is really irritating ... I have been having a hard time first of all logging into blogger it keeps opening up a million windows ... in new windows when I just try to log in so that has been happening for over a week ... now I can figure a different way to log in but now its giving me a hard time to post pictures .. the last one I had to do from work ...

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Dianne said...

I haven't any probs, did you upgrade to the new blogger. I was having problems until I finally upgraded since then no problems.. otherwise I have no suggestions..
Let me know if you did upgade or not...