Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb Challenge

I am doing a challenge with my sisters and good friends... this has to be finished by the third as we are entering our challenges into the Cloth Paper and scissors mag. It is a 12x12 paper Quilt ... keep your eyes peeled will be showing this in the next day or so!!! Check out the others contribution as well
Tonniece (who by the way has not posted in forever)
Luci ...
ok girls I am looking forward to see your your lovely work .

HelloI'm posting this for Luci she is going to join us (Tonniece,Suzanne,Sandy and I)in our Challenge this month. Since she doesn't get Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.I am giving her instructions here..We will be posting them on March 3..I have added some links to check out below, if you need any help little sis please don'thesitate to ask..We’re planning a special reader art exhibit for Make It University!™ at the International Quilt Festival/Spring in Chicago, April 11–13, 2008, and we’re offering a fun challenge from which we’ll choose the art.Show us your True Colors in a Mixed-media Paper Quilt.Make a mixed-media paper quilt that incorporates a color or colors that reveal the true you.The entire quilt, including binding, must measure 12" x 12".You are encouraged, but not required, to use a sewing machine for quilting your paper quilt.Any embellishments must not protrude more than 1" from the quilt.The entire quilt must weigh no more than 2 lbs.The quilt must be backed with fabric and the edges must be stitched closed, or you may use a fabric binding.The quilt must have a 3" rod pocket attached to the back.To be considered for the Make it University! display, send 2 jpegs of your paper quilt, one of the entire piece and one detail, to no later than March 3, 2008. You will be notified if your quilt has been accepted by March 7, 2008.If accepted, your quilt must be in our offices no later than March 26, 2008.You may make the quilt out of any kind of paper, but if you are going to stitch it, you may want to strengthen the paper using the method described by Beryl Taylor in the Premiere Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and in Mixed-media Explorations.

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