Monday, March 03, 2008

Show us your true colours

Here is my piece that I had a challenge with my sisters and friends.
This was to be a Quilt made with paper and with the theme of
show us your true colours. The paper I used was some paper that
I used to colour Lutradur and pellon. Its typing paper with disperse
paint on it .. basically its the leftover bits. The mottled piece is the
same disperse dye but you crinkle up the paper and then just paint
on the hills ... and the valleys stay white. This is a really nice effect
when you use it on pieces. I didnt think it was finished and had my
piece on top of a magazine that had the olive bright green... and I thought
ohh that is the colour it needs. I did some hand stitching and some by
machine to sew the green bits on. I did the binding in brown to pull
the colour out. What do you think ? does the dark brown frame it
to much ? like a picture or does it work?
Looking forward to seeing the other girls pieces.
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Dianne said...

Great job my dear sis..
I do really love the colors, dha forgot it was suppose to be show your true colors heheh. It worked with my them cause those are my true colors..I like all the hand stitching on yours,so I might add some to mine. I'm hanging it right below my vision board.. I love how the challenges make us feel like your not so far away...

platitudinal said...

It's looking awesome, Sandy! It's great how you use all the different bits and styles in your piece. I'd better finish mine. Boy, I'm getting nervous ... yours and Di look so pretty!

Tonniece said...

Well done there Miss Sandy.
This is lovely. You did a great job with the choice of colors and techniques also.
Sorry to say I opted out of this challenge. Just couldn't get my mind around doing anything right now, but hoping to be in a better mindset for the next one.

Suzanne said...

Great job, but then you are the quilt person, love it. Mine is in the works also, should be done by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog so that I could have a link to find yours! I really like this piece, and I think the brown frames it very nicely! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Lynn Douglass said...

oops! I forgot to put my name on that post, so I'll do it on this one.