Sunday, April 19, 2009

The African Fabric Shop website revamp

OK run as fast as you can ! or as fast as your fingers can take you to Magie Relphs revamped African Shop website. Ok well Magie did not revamp it but her husband Bob who works with her in the shop with her has redone the site ... they have alot of new products some baskets of which Bob has gone back to Africa to reorder as they cannot keep these baskets in ...
Last month,I went to the cottenham show on the second day and there were none left :( so I dont even know what they look like yet. Magie and Bob have very nice fabrics (mud cloth and fabrics beads ect ) and have some really great things happening as well on the website like Ghana Tour: January 2010 and on and on .... please do pop by and have a look.
I bought a few pieces mostly of mud cloth from Magie and still have not done anything with them yet but plan on a jacket and a few pillow covers.

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Carol said...

Hi Sandy
I tried to visit but no images come up only the index down the side, perhaps you could let them know.