Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mud Cloth from The African Fabric Shop

Here is the piece that I got from Magie.. each piece of mud cloth is very individual and the process takes a long time for them to make. I think they soak it in leave brine turning it yellow then they take some mud that has been sitting for a year stewing paint this on in specific patterns. (by the way this mud has iron oxide in it and I believe it reacts with the leave liquid put on it originally they then go through another process that whitens the yellow bit and tada ... here is the result.. I think the fabric also comes from some type of sack cloth that is sewn together in the beginning. You will have to keep your eye on my site for updates on this. If you get fabrics or anything from Magies site and make something with it she is more then happy to show these off on her website so my piece will eventually be there, :)
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