Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rust dyeing with iron sulfate and caustic

Last weekend I did some Rust dyeing with Caustic soda and iron sulfate, this is a great techique .. no worries about the caustic just work carefully wear gloves and googles ... they came out the greatest colour of rust .. some looked bluey but they changed it was a dull day when I did these so they turned really rusty..
I love this kokopelli that Laura sent me to try out .. this is one of her stencils from her shop and I used some gesso on the rusted fabrics .. I love kokopellis I shall put this on a quilt .. its coming together in my head with other petroglyps ..
not sure if you can see it but if you look closely at the kokopelli you can see a shimmer on it so it look like its on the rocks . I will have to tone down the white but that will not be a problem.
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