Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday is dyeing and painting day

I have been dyeing a few pieces about 9 in total I think ,for an exhibition I may be doing for a show in April in belgium ... I cannot devulge to much about what my pieces are yet .. but will show you some progress as I go on... my exhibition is not confirmed yet but I have wanted to do these pieces for some time .. so Watch this space.
Other then this I like a maniac that I am .. have gone and bought ummm about 30 canvases to continue on with my paintings that I have been doing for an online course ... I have finished well I say finished (the course is over) with Lynda Monk and Carol McFee .. still have some work to do on that course but have been sew excited about both online courses and mixing and matching them .. I am just in the GROOVE... the techniques are sooo me. The first canvas was a klimt piece with swirls and ovals squares in the most amazing colours .. what do you think ?
The bottom picture well this is a combo of both online courses .. its fabric stitched with heavy thread and wallpaper applied to the surface in swirls painted with layers of paint ... What are your thoughts on it ?
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MargaretR said...

I particularly like these, but I would say that wouldn't I? I love anything Klimt:) I read you will be on Laura's stand at the FoQ. I'm going on Thursday I think, and if I do I will come and say hello!

hippopip said...

Lovely box canvas pictures love the mauve and green,it is a great course I loved every minute

Beena said...

These pieces are very, very nice! Gorgeous colors, textures, and a flowing feeling.