Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas gifts ... giving

Here are some gifts that I made and gave to others for xmas.
The felted hat is for my sister who saw one and said ohhh I want a hat from you for xmas.. so I have done this and its off to her in canada next week.
The quilt is for my mans mother .. she doesnt get out much these days so this will hopefully be a comfort to her with it sitting on her lap.
This gave me experience with felting and making a hat and ... binding on the quilt .. which I must say I am getting better at.
I had a phone call with my family from canada over christmas and it was wonderful to hear from them .. over an hour we laughed and joked ... I miss them alot. During that call they said oh its your birthday coming up...
hmmm a huge birthday for me in about a week, 50 omg .. how did that happen ! I dont feel a day over 25 most days!
I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas and looking forward to this New Year.
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Carol said...

Happy Birthday for next week,
50's are great, freedom to be who you want to be :)
Have a great day
Wonderful hat lucky sister


I love the hat too!

Blessings for 2010

Dianne said...

I can't wait to get my hat. Just think, only one in Canada with a hat like this..
Love it yahoooooo Thanks Sis love ya....

Sarah E. said...

The quilt is cool, and I LOVE the hat!! PS Fifty is fun!!

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Oh darn I missed your birthday and a big one too- hope you went out for a wonderful dinner.

Looks like we are heading home- the teen doens't like it- i am not sure what to do!

kanishk said...

The quilt is cool

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