Saturday, January 02, 2010

Birthday gifts

First post of the new year and well its my birthday today ... I have been spoiled ;)
first of all a wonderful card .. that lights up with the fireworks ... and eiffel tower.. and hey look at this infuser ... its fantastic don't you think ? A silver necklace teardrop shape ... ok I bought myself a pressie as well ... some ankle high boots they were in a sale ... cannot resist the Dudley Mason sales ... and a bit of fabric .. and going out to dinner tonight .. ohh and hopefully I can get in but I am also getting two workshops with Lizzie Houghton if they are not full ..... felting classes ....... as you have seen I can felt but want to see if I can learn any tricks from a master.
woooo hoooo how lucky am I ?

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Tonniece said...

Nice birthday haul there.
Enjoy your b'day dinner hun.

Love ya

AnneJeu said...

Happy Birthday, Sandy.
Hugs Annette

Fred said...

Happy birthday Sandy !

Dolores said...

Happy belated birthday. It was my son's 31st too.
I love your felted hat and those wonderful boots you treated yourself to.
Glad that you had a great long distance visit with your family. My littlest one (she's 25) spent Christmas in Scotland and yesterday said that she won't be missing another family Christmas - she hasn't looked at the photos I sent. I guess she was just too homesick.

Dianne said...

Love the boots, beautiful infuser and card. You deserve to be spoilt girly..
Love ya...

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

belated Birthday wishes. I hope that you had a great evening. Love those boots!

E-J said...

The infuser is gorgeous, and you yourself look to be pretty sleek and glam these days too, Ms Marcoux. Would be fun to meet up soon. Xx

kanishk said...

Definitely a hard copy. There's nothing like flipping through a book.

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