Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow how about these


Ok I have only been doing a bit of stuff lately ... My sister was over from canada and we spent time together
which was great did a little textiles not to much. I was able to sneak these bits in and will try out some jewelery and brooches from these ..
How do you like them ... I have done about 30 more but these are in metallics silver and gold ... I will take some pics and post them in the next day .

Fridge died on my about 2 weeks ago and finally have another one .. yippeee and its got a larger top portion that you can have alot more in the fridge part... not taking pictures of this as that is really sad.

Post more tomorrow
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Dolores said...

I'd love to see more of them. Glad you had some family time.

Valeri said...

Fantastic pieces. Would love to do rubbings over them with transfer crayons! Wonderful!