Monday, March 19, 2012

Knitting a new Jumper

My sister is going to be going in the hospital and have some surgery .. she is not feeling so great at the moment and once she goes in they should be fixing whatever is wrong and she will be as good as new once she gets her strength back up ...
I thought I would do a jumper for her ! She will be able to wear this when she gets out..

I am taking the pattern that I knitted before and altering it as she would like one that will fit her and be an off the shoulder jumper so watch this space .

I only started knitting this yesterday , these needles knit up so quickly I love em.. In the meantime I have about 6 handbags on the go in various stages so watch this space.. next week .. felting.

On the cataract front my distance is great but still having issues with seeing blurry and double vision with text on the computer  ... oddly the double vision is not side to side its the text and you can then see the same word below like a shadow not quite half ... HOPEFULLY this is Normal and just the eye healing itself


Anonymous said...

Love the yarn Sandy, What's the piece of fabric that goes so well with it?
Hope the eyes are back to normal soon.

Bhavana Patel said...

Nice Yarn...Hope you finish it;)