Monday, May 07, 2012

Still recovering from cataract surgery, with complications of double vision horizontally called diplopia its a scarring of the tissue which eventually happens sometimes years later after cataract surgery but being younger they told me it happened rapidly as my eye it trying to heal itself faster.. about 20% of people get this after cataract surgery. I go thursday this week to have this corrected before they do the work on the other cataract on the right eye.. so its been a long haul having this double vision close up and I use the computer every day so its really difficult and its been like this for over a month. Hoping this all goes well this week. I have made some excellent foot jewelry for the summer with beads and jewels.
Have made quite a few now .. will post more as soon as I can ... I have been busy as well will take some other pictures .


Anonymous said...

Hello sandra hope you are feeling better. Eyes are important. Love the foot jewellery. Spoke to Di and she is coming along. Susan had gone to get some Carribean dinner for her.She is in good hands and jan and Frank are close . Takes time and Tonniece comes in and got her a little fan due to my big mouthLucky to have a friend like Diane Say hi to Joe Sheila Byeeee

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

Hello Sandy I am now reading your blog and hope that your surgery went well and you are feeling better. Life throws us so many hurdles to get over, I am sure you will get over this one. You are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy it is Simon Trew.

Your eyes and your health are the most important. I trust and pray that you will be all right and will carry on enjoying life as you always do, my brave Sandy.

I don't look up your blog much, in fact don't use the computer much, fed up with it after work, but you are always somewhere in my heart and I do care about you, and you know I will always be there for you.

Keep well.